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Ariel Levy's got guts. These days, it takes real conviction to say anything that might have the slightest whiff of sex-negativity (see R. G. Watson, "Prairie Sex.")

It's also interesting how often young women say that because their mothers were feminists, they themselves don't have to be (Levy says "There is a widespread assumption that, simply because my generation of women has the good fortune to live in a world touched by the feminist movement, that means everything we do is magically imbued with its agenda. But it doesn't work that way.") It's just one more present from mom -- she had to think hard about the patriarchy and do tiring things like picket and protest all so that I can subsume myself cheerfully into mass culture without a second though. Gee, thanks, mom.


I've been thinking recently about how everyone thinks about gender as something that we can confirm because we see every day. But we don't think about the big picture constraints. Like, how would gender be different if abortion were really accessible to everyone?

I think this piece is similarly thinking big. If we "make room for a range of options as wide as the variety of human desire," we might not even be able to predict what might happen, and what women would be like. But it would probably be great. Ah liberation, I seek ye.

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