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  • Our first pets were two black-and-white kittens named Bixi and Slippers. They were both male, but I insisted on referring to Slippers (my cat) as "she" and Bixi (my brother's cat) as "he." When we went away on sabbatical, Bixi and Slippers went to roam on our friend's farm, and when we got home, Slippers came back to 4803 Keswick Road, but Bixi wanted to remain free forever, a hunter...

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You could soften the edges of your books by dropping them a lot; or better still, by carrying them around (still unread) in your backpack with the intention to read them on the subway the next time you forget to grab a Metro. Or you could use them to prop up your bed, to drop on insects. You could use them to build castles and forts--I mean literal ones.

I think in the old days I would have been very saddened by that cycling editor woman's tale, but now I'm more like, eh. At least she's not in the TENTH year of a grad program in comparative literature, at least her world doesn't still revolve completely around the same tiny constellation of admittedly brilliant minds that lives in the Barker Center, at least she's not holding out the increasingly faint hope of becoming one of them.

Or is that sad? I mean, who doesn't secretly hold out a hope of joining a constellation somewhere? Everybody should want to be sparkly. This woman could've been sparkly like a bicycle spoke. Too bad she seemed sad or defensive or whatever. Maybe she felt defensive about it only when in the Barker Center itself, like someone who has lost her faith feels when she visits a mosque. All those people praying before all those clay idols... why is she drawn back?

Beats me. But I'll see you in Cambridge in a few months' time, and maybe we can hit up a few of those thingies with the chicken satay in the grand old Whatsamajiggy Room with the club soda on tap.

uses books to cum

Possessions = self-possessed monsters! This is a beautiful post.

I had a TF who quit academia for vet school. It it might be nice for some people to have this Barker Center symposia kind of interaction with academia -- on the margins, a nice evening out. But maybe academia put them on the margins, instead of the other way around. Huh.

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