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  • Our first pets were two black-and-white kittens named Bixi and Slippers. They were both male, but I insisted on referring to Slippers (my cat) as "she" and Bixi (my brother's cat) as "he." When we went away on sabbatical, Bixi and Slippers went to roam on our friend's farm, and when we got home, Slippers came back to 4803 Keswick Road, but Bixi wanted to remain free forever, a hunter...

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another beautiful post! Adbusters is really annoying, and I think that in their deep dark revolutionary complexity, they're not sure what they're saying half the time.

And, exactly, there doesn't seem to be any space for the process of change. I don't think they would really be happy unless we all became anarchists.

Going the SRLP way perhaps seems a little quixotic, but I think you're right that they're fighting the good fight daily, not only in their work, but how they do it. The only thing Adbusters proposes that I actually do to make change is to buy non-label converse sneakers. gross!


wait, so what exactly is wrong with bagged lettuce?

the spinster

i *love* the excerpt from SLRP.

have you ever read "culture jam," the book by the guy behind adbusters? grrr, it makes me so mad, all of its infatuation with guy debord and the situationists. ironic mock-advertisements will not overthrow capitalism. they are clever little scraps of pop art, but i think kalle lasn and his sidekicks vastly overestimate their revolutionary potential. for them, it's all about levying a critique without advancing a vision of (or building an infrastructure to realize) a different world.

in france, they also have pre-washed bags of edible clover. :)

the spinster

also, beccah said everything that i just said, except four days ago. beccah, you are smart.


this piece strikes so close to home. here i am trying to make a decision of whether to join the SRLP collective for their yearly retreat weekend as their cook, and noticing that their philosophy can perhaps be attributed to the extreme length of time it has taken to figure out logistics about this weekend.
perhaps that is a little high falootin...
but still, it is hard to concentrate on this uplifting of the process when the product is what is in mind. or perhaps it is shifting to truly appreciating the moment and living in it. the moment, of course, being when you delightfully and easily pluck a handful of clean, dry lettuce on to your plate and luxuriously eat it without regret.
and if i do cook for the collective as they meet all day to pioneer new frontiers for gender justice, there is clearly no question as to the baggedness of the lettuce.

bixi chicks

mich! thank you for commenting! welcome! and thank you for getting it, and demonstrating that there is a connection between bagged lettuce and SRLP (kind of), even when I didn't explain the link very well myself.

Being the cook is a big job. Is SRLP as cool as it sounds, and are they going to help you cook? More dispatches from the gender justice frontlines please!

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