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  • Our first pets were two black-and-white kittens named Bixi and Slippers. They were both male, but I insisted on referring to Slippers (my cat) as "she" and Bixi (my brother's cat) as "he." When we went away on sabbatical, Bixi and Slippers went to roam on our friend's farm, and when we got home, Slippers came back to 4803 Keswick Road, but Bixi wanted to remain free forever, a hunter...

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i love this post! i like how you wrestle with grammar and all the ire it has wrought, but ultimately affirm the convention. i'm tired of being contrary! hail to grammar: laws, rules, structure. liberation through grammar is revolutionary indeed.


I found your posting while doing a search for the misuse of the ellipsis mark. Funny that there was quite a bit of information out there. I was looking for information because I find myself guilty of overusing and *misusing* them frequently. (I'm also blatently guilty of never capitalizing; I did spare you this by putting my precious pinky on the fucking shift key this one time!)

But that's not why I'm writing... (ha!)

I found it funny that you put the cats' other names in quotes. I'm in school to be an vet tech ("animal nurse") and we had a coversation the other day about doctors putting animals' names in quotation marks. The teacher said that since the cat was given that name and was in fact called by that name, that it *was* the cat's name and therefore, did not require quotation marks. We all agreed that quotation marks should only be used when the animal's real name is Stinky but perhaps goes by "Sir Shits-a-lot."

I dunno, just thought you might find that funny.


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