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  • Our first pets were two black-and-white kittens named Bixi and Slippers. They were both male, but I insisted on referring to Slippers (my cat) as "she" and Bixi (my brother's cat) as "he." When we went away on sabbatical, Bixi and Slippers went to roam on our friend's farm, and when we got home, Slippers came back to 4803 Keswick Road, but Bixi wanted to remain free forever, a hunter...

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Al fin bixi speaks. Having had similar experiences in falling in love with what seem like ugly parts of cities, I have faith that the same will happen here in Lima. So far Lima seems oversized, dirty, and loud. The more I feel at home with my life and work here though, the more I am seeing the Lima that most limeños love. I'll let you know when I notice my feelings about metropolitan Lima change--either for the better or worse. Finding the substructure, or at least finding a niche of Lima that grabs my attention, will probably be the necessary key.


Ah, cities, how true, how apt. I find myself thrust into autumn in Korea, and everything seems a foreign-familiar adaptation of Boston. Perhaps, we are doomed to always link new places to old... and in some cases, have a major fear of commitment in settling in either?

PS. Just thought I'd throw in a comment, since I've been catching up on the lives of the catgut collective.

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