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  • Our first pets were two black-and-white kittens named Bixi and Slippers. They were both male, but I insisted on referring to Slippers (my cat) as "she" and Bixi (my brother's cat) as "he." When we went away on sabbatical, Bixi and Slippers went to roam on our friend's farm, and when we got home, Slippers came back to 4803 Keswick Road, but Bixi wanted to remain free forever, a hunter...

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i totally felt this way for a long, long time - that i knew these teeny bits (around where i lived, around where a friend lived, around where i went to school) and had no idea of the in between. it does, i'd say, get better; but i still find myself in random parts of new york i don't know searching for a bar or restaurant in vain. the thing i realized, though, is that this also happens to new yorkers of the tried and true variety.
so basically, it's all good. also, why don't we hang out more often? let's do that, soon.

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