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  • Soon before her self-banishment to the howling wilds of South Florida, Giuleah was told by "those who foster her" that Catgut had an opening for a southern correspondent. It was no twentynothing nation, but Giuleah reasoned that someday she's be thirtysomething anyway.

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May 21, 2006



i relate!! i've been thinking life in binaries lately, particularly those you mentioned: love vs. freedom, Big Dream vs. settling in one place, digging in. it need not be this way--for instance, we could all cover late-breaking local stories--but oh how it feels like going away is key. away away, like to egypt or ethiopia or ecuador or such places that my people are going. do we need that kind of adventure? can't we just wait and go with our capital L Lovers? oh keep blogging, yes, a good coping mechanism.



Nakeddddddddddddd in a Jaaaail Cell!

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