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April 23, 2006



if "stiff wrist" fails, there's always...

dum dum dum....


It sounds and looks like an STD, but it's actually intelgentsia without the gents!

brilliant! It came to me last night in one of those ah-ha moments.


hey, I kind of like stiff wrist. It goes with my category, "my wrist may be limp..."

do you think it has too many weird connotations, related to stiff? what is the opposite word for limp?

we may be on to something...


But Beccah, your new header is so nice! How can you do this to yourself?

Wait a sec, inspiration has just struck me like a two-ton bag of prostheses:

Stiff Wrist?

(or some variation thereof?)

(psst if you like the idea you can delete this comment and cover the traces of your new title's origin, and we need never speak of it again)

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