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June 27, 2006



I love that the second post I came to on your blog mentions Elizabeth Bishop. I still often think on that rare Bishop poem you and Brain typed for me.


hey beccah, cool u have a blog. yes, inconclusive conclusions and very late papers- very college. you've gotten better? i've stayed worse. remember sophomore year when we all had to wait for u to turn in that paper, so we could go to montreal for intersession? that hardcore. ok, well i just noticed that this post was from june 27 (my birfday), so maybe u dont read it anymore. latres.


this post is my favorite yet! and what a rare delight to find an updated blog, though i am to blame for finding it over a week late. i am now inspired to deal with all the less than flattering things authority figures have ever said to me. you make a good case for a) how they are character-building, and b) how to deal with one's flaws. you're an inspiration to your compadres who regularly think about how they didn't take advantage of the obscenely resourced college of yesteryear.


I've been wondering about that book. I'll add it to my mounting stack of reading. Nice to have a new post - all you catgutters have been too quiet lately.


I will find this book. I just finished Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird and I highly recommend that too.


I cannot think of a better way to embark upon a writing career than to tremulously open the manila envelopes containing one's failures and seeing them for the first time for what they are: not so bad, really.

Samuel Freedman just came out with "Letters to a Young Journalist," a book of guidance for those who are aspire to be journalists. I read it all in one go on a plane last month. In about the middle of the book, Freedman begins talking about failure, specifically about how it is unavoidable. You WILL fail. There is no doubt about that. When I read that, I began to weep. It was the most freeing thing in the world to admit.

Also, poor Jess! I didn't know that she wrote poetry!

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